Angels and Devils

Arum as seen by the web #7: Angels & Devils

Adam and Eve. Angels and Devils. Are you picking up on a theme here? Part of Arum's nature is to stimulate our instinctive predilection to pick up on the symbolism of duality, of opposites and in particular, of opposites united. Arum excels at this. We have always believed in good and bad 'spirits', otherworldly beings who populate the cosmos around us. Since time began it seems that we have perceived ourselves as surrounded by powerful, if non-material, beings, some of whom are friendly to us and some of whom are out of trip us up if not actively do us harm. Any duality slots easily into this cosmic duality, especially sexuality and gender. This is going to be a recurring theme with Arum so switch off now if you are of a sensitive disposition. With Adam and Eve we touched upon it in a slightly delicate, christian fashion. Now we're edging a bit closer. Angels and Devils. Do an image search on the web and you will instantly pick up on the sexual nature of this phrase. Suits Arum just fine thank you very much.

Here, an image of iconography in the marketplace.


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