First facebook page album: Wild Arum BIRTH

The Wild Arum Book has a facebook page - so please take a visit and express your 'like' of it if you can. The first album has just been created there - of some images of Arum in its initial 'Birth' stage. You can view the wild arum birth gallery directly here. Or visit the page itself at Thanks for looking! LS

Wild Arum Book

This is the first post for the Wild Arum book. The intention here is to build up a living arum timeline, starting as far back as possible and detailing important events from ancient herbals up to modern research into Arum. Please email any suggestions to lynden @ or contribute to the timeline on facebook. You can keep up with developments by either checking in here or at the various social media outlets:

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Thanks for looking and join in the creation of the most comprehensive Wild Arum timeline.